Blackscreen of the Independent Screen Coalition

The campaign „Strengthen the free culture scene! Creative spirit is more mobile than capital – better hold on to it!“ by the independent scene coalition has started last friday, running from the 23th Aug till 28th Sept 2013. With this campaign the coalition wants to call attention to the disproportional small amount of funding that Berlin’ s independent arts community receives from the state of Berlin in comparision to the large contribution the artists and creative people provide for the cities reputation and prospects. Please support the campaign by applying the black screen and/or the logo and slogan to your Website. A list of all participating institutions and information on how to do it is online here: Download Logo and Slogan: Logo: “Freie Szene Berlin stärken” Download png incolor: BFS_Logo_STAERKEN or in black and white: BFS_Logo_STAERKEN_SW Slogan: “Geist ist noch flüchtiger als Kapital – haltet ihn fest!” Download png in color:BFS_Slogan_Geist02 or in black and white:BFS_Slogan_Geist02_SW