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The present publication documents the thoughts, questions and resolution methods that were examined under the topic Stadt Raum during the weekend workshop. The work began with a plenum which included ‘external’ inputs and presentations by Katja Diefenbach, Felix Ensslin, Kotti & Co and the Koalition der Freien Szene (Independent Scene Coalition), before continuing with the three working groups. On the evening of Friday 14th February there was a public event with artists and activists from Hamburg in the Flutgraben e.V. project space. During the workshop weekend the AG Stadt Raum received inputs from Sophie Goltz and Andrej Holm. The text by Ina Wudtke and Dieter Lesage, “The short way to the Stadtschloss. Forum and Form. The Hegelmachine”, takes up narrative from the chronology of the resistance by visual artists to the Stadtschloss (City Castle) introduced by Sophie Goltz and reflects on the current City Castle debate and the ‘Prussianising’ of the city centre of Berlin. Andrej Holm has summarised his lecture in a text on the resumption of the social housing programme in parallel to the development of the people’s rental referendum movement. Of particular interest is Holm’s explanation of the faults in the previous social housing programme and the significance of his suggestions for a draft bill for a public referendum on rental conditions in Berlin. A good example of how matters were discussed is the extract of a debate in the AG Stadt Raum working group on 15th February 2014, which refers to Katja Diefenbach’s lecture reflecting on the “Haben und Brauchen Manifesto” of 2011 from her point of view from the outside. We would like to thank all of those who took part. Haben und Brauchen, Sonja Augart, Kerstin Karge and Ina Wudtke on behalf of AG Stadt Raum, Berlin, Autumn 2015 HBZ