Haben und Brauchen – General Strategic Meeting, Wednesday 16th Oct, 7 PM

Location: ExRotaprint Gottschedstr. 4 13357 Berlin Haben und Brauchen (To Have and To Need) is still recognised as an important and critical voice of artists and cultural producers in Berlin. This year we have so far published an open letter to Klaus Wowereit in reference to the debate surrounding the allocation of the planned city tax; we have given interviews, sent out newsletters, and participated in various panels and actions. No more, no less. We would therefore like to get together as part of a big public event and discuss how Haben und Brauchen’s discursive production around cultural and urban policy issues can be intensified and broadened. Which main topics should be determined anew and extended against the background of the current developments and effects generated by the campaign of the Koalition der Freien Szene (Independent Scene Coalition)? Which forms of implementation are thinkable and feasible, necessary and meaningful? We look forward to seeing those of you who feel like being a part of Haben und Brauchen, now and/or in the future. Joerg Franzbecker and Florian Wüst ++++++++ Haben und Brauchen seeks to advocate in the field of art as well as in art’s neighboring fields a platform for discussion and action. The aim is to establish a consciousness and self-concept concerning what distinguishes the forms of artistic production and articulation that have unfolded in Berlin during recent decades, and how these forms can be preserved and further developed. info@habenundbrauchen.de www.habenundbrauchen.de